Vancouver Island’s Artisan for New Concrete Floors & Walls

Take advantage of interior design’s evolution of concrete walls and floors from dull, gray, hard foundations to cover up to today’s surfaces to show off. Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD offers Vancouver Island home and business owners endless applications of concrete colour and design that free your imagination while being practical and economical.

Do you want the look of marble, tile or slate without the grout lines or cost? Let Rob and Dean show you how an acid stained concrete floor can work for you. Book an appointment at your Vancouver Island site or our concrete showroom in Nanaimo.

What Is Acid Staining of New Concrete?

As the name of the process implies, concrete acid stains mix water, hydrochloric acid and soluble metallic salts in various colours. Applied to concrete after the appropriate curing time, the acid lightly etches the concrete surface and the salts penetrate the concrete. These reactive acid stains fill the pores of the concrete and bond with it to leave deep colours and a marbling effect.

What about Location, Colour, Artwork?

New places for acid-stained floors and walls only end with the limits of your creativity. Some structures and areas include:

  • Finished basements
  • Garage floors
  • Main concrete floors with radiant heat
  • Entrance ways
  • Outdoor patios
  • Interior walls
  • Vertical retaining walls & buttresses

Acid staining in a solid colour always gives your floors or walls a rich, interesting look. A varied colour palette is available with new colours created every year.

Dean Borrelli can always infuse your concrete with the artwork he is known for throughout Vancouver Island and Canada. They always like to be involved from the blueprint stage of your new concrete construction to ensure an original design you will love for the lifetime of your home or business. To troubleshoot concerns with the concrete’s quality, Rob and Dean can provide valuable input with their expertise in creating exceptional end products.

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