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Your Own Work of Art – Concrete Countertops for Vancouver Island

Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD follows a long tradition of artistry in decorative concrete design to create your custom countertops. In fact, concrete has been used in countertop applications for hundreds of years. In Europe, some concrete countertops that are 300 years old are still being used today. Interior designers and homeowners with the desire for something different love concrete tops.

When done and maintained properly, homeowners swear by the character of their concrete countertops. The countertops’ imperfections are the quality that makes them unique. The older the countertop, the more character and beauty it develops.

Methods for Creating a Concrete Countertop

Mass Manufactured & DIY Methods

There are two ways of constructing a concrete countertop. The first way is "off-site upside down," a technique used mostly by companies that manufacture countertops to order and in mass numbers. Many “do-it-yourselfers” have also learned to use a precast, upside down moulding technique from reading the book Concrete Countertops by designer Fu-Tung Cheng.

Custom, In-Place Construction by Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD

The second way to construct a concrete countertop is "in place," right where you are going to use the countertop in your kitchen, bath or any other room you choose. Rob and Dean Borrelli form all of their custom countertops with this method because they believe in-place construction is more of an art form.

Homeowners receive the best in design and originality with Rob and Dean's in-place countertops. Perfection in sizing is necessary since the countertop forms are constructed right on top of your existing cabinet boxes, with a preferred 2" top. Then again, creativity and imagination are important, and Rob and Dean are open to the endless possibilities.

Your Personal Choice in Colour & Designs

Add distinctive style to your concrete countertops with colour. Integral concrete colour is consistent throughout the top. You also can choose acid stains or concrete dyes. Depending on the application, your colour and design are a matter of personal choice.

As the final step, we select the most suitable sealer, the most important decision because the location of the countertop will determine whether you need a water-based penetrating sealer or a topcoat acrylic sealer.

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