Renovating in Vancouver Island? Give Old Concrete a New Life.

Ripping old carpet off your basement’s concrete floor with all the glue, dirt and mess? Why go back for more of the same? Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD can give you exceptionally attractive and durable micro topping to renew the concrete’s surface, all without the cost and labour of replacing an entire concrete floor.

Are you renovating your home or wanting to improve existing concrete surfaces? Acid staining or dyes may not penetrate your old concrete, but you have a strong and wear-free option in micro or skim coats with a variety of residential and commercial applications, including:

  • Old weathered basements & garages
  • Outdoor entrance ways & foyers
  • Patios & pool decks
  • Commercial mall renovations
  • New business construction
  • Walls & floors

Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD uses a polymer-modified cement introduced in the last 5 years that is so tough only a jackhammer can remove it, along with the concrete subfloor.

Have Vibrant Colour with Your Strong Micro Topping

In today's colour palette, vibrancy is as popular as earth tones. Blues, reds, greens and yellows are possible in your micro topping. We use dyes for interior applications, with the use of integral colours for interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

The acid staining of micro toppings is possible but will have a different appearance from acid on new concrete. Also, only a professional should apply acid stain to a micro topping, which is a tricky process.

Contact Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD for a consultation. Dean will assess the condition of your subfloor to determine if acid staining is possible or if micro topping is the best application for your existing concrete surfaces.

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