Grind, Polish & Beautify Your Decorative Concrete

As concrete flooring contractors, we use concrete grinders to remove floor coverings such as epoxy paint, carpet glue and other adhesives, as well as self-levelling products and sealers. The grinding and polishing process exposes aggregates in the concrete to varying degrees — from a “salt and pepper” look to what we call “poor man’s terrazzo,” which would be a full rock exposure. With this process, each concrete floor becomes completely unique. For polished floors and commercial floors, we add either an enhancer or clear coat of epoxy to protect the floor from stains and give it long-lasting durability.

Easy & Economical

Grinding, dying and sealing are easy, economical ways to transform any concrete floor. Grind and seal the natural grey for a modern, contemporary look, or add colour to brighten up the space. Once sealed, the floor absolutely “pops” with vibrancy, giving you that “wet look.”

Thanks to grinding, you can remove old floor coverings, level out the underlying concrete surface and create the perfect surface for further treatment of your floor, such as acid staining, dyes or just a nice clear sealer.

Floor Installations, Grinding & Polishing

Nanaimo Decorative Concrete & Epoxy LTD installs, grinds and polishes floors for retail stores, restaurants, residences and industrial sites throughout Vancouver Island and British Columbia.

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